Friday, 22 June 2012

It's been a while.....

Hey lovelies!

Hope your all fab :)

Sorry I've been so bad and not blogged had so much on with uni and placement that I didn't get a chance but I have promise I will be back with some posts very very soon!

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

imPRESS nails

Hey lovelies!

Hope everyone is well!

Today I'm blogging about imPRESS nails.  I didn't find out about these amazing nails until they where part of last months GlossyBox, I didn't get any in my box but seen them on the website and really liked the look of them!  
Currently Boots sell them (as they are from America) and you can buy them instore or online they cost from £7.99 to £9.99.  They come in a variety of block colours, some patterns and there are French manicure ones as well.  The ones I chose are called "Vamp it up".

What makes them unique is they aren't quite a false nail (as they are really flexible) and not a nail wrap they seem to be a cross in-between and aren't too long either.
They come in 12 sizes in the pack, which you just measure up against your own nails then prep your nails with the enclosed prep pad then peel the tab off and stick them on (tab end at the cuticle) press down hard and that's them on, as easy as that!
It took me literally 5 mins to put them on and I put them on Thursday and its now Tuesday and they are still on!

I have totally fallen in love with these nails and already bought more!

What do you think?

Love N Stuff

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Stencils Bowtique

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is well and had a fabby weekend!

Today's post is about one of my very talented best friends little business called Stencils Bowtique.  She sells custom made hair clips, hair bands (both elasticated and metal), fascinators, and more recently quirky kitsch jewellery and shoe clips at extremely reasonable prices!

I own quite a few of her hair clips and they are fabby and something abit different!

Here are some examples of her work:
Hair Clips:

Hair Bands:


 Shoe Clips:

This is just a small selection of the sort of things she can do, and as I've said before she does custom orders so just ask!!

Please check her page out on facebook!

What do you guys think?

Love N Stuff

Saturday, 3 March 2012

MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj lipstick

Hey Everyone!

Hope everyone is well and having a lovely weekend!

As I've mentioned before I love MAC make up.  Although expensive it's worth the investment as their products are amazing!.

MAC have a line of products (mainly lipsticks) called Viva Glam with proceeds going to MAC's aids fund.  I already own the previous Viva Glam Lipstick and lipgloss by Lady GaGa, so was excited to hear about Nicki Minaj bringing one out!

Because I had signed up for MAC's newsletter, I received a code to order the lipstick before it went on general sale in the UK, so promptly took them up on their offer!

It's a very bright pink, its meant to be a yellowish pink, but personally I feel, once on its more of a bluish pink.

Although I love the colour, personally I feel it needs to be blotted a few times and abit of lip balm under it or clear gloss over it as it seems to go quite "cakey" on my lips, even so I adore the colour on! (please excuse the awful photo! lol)

The lipstick is £13.50 (like most MAC lipsticks) and can be purchased here.

What do you think? Has anyone else bought this lipstick?

Love N Stuff

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Gorillaz Converse

Hey Everybody!

Hope your all well and had a lovely weekend!

Well as I've mentioned before and by the name of my blog, I LOVE Converse trainers!.  So I was excited to see that Converse has teamed up with the band Gorillaz to design 4 pairs of trainers.  I was a bit bad and went away into town and bought 2 pairs as they are amazing!.

These are the white/black Gorillaz All star hi.

They are obviously white, with Gorillaz esk drawings all over them.  The Coverse badge on the side of the trainers is a black felt like material.  The inside is a green camouflage design.

The second pair I got are the Gorillaz Chevron All star Hi.

These are a really dark green/gray colour with red army looking stripes and a Gorillaz esk person above it.  They also come with black and blue laces.  Inside is similar drawings to the previous pair but in colour instead of black and white.

I totally love both pairs but I have to say the second pair I love slightly more :).

The other two pairs in the collection are another pair of All Star Hi Camo.  Which are the hi tops in a green camouflage print all over.  And the last pair are All Start Ox Lii Gorillaz print.  These are the shorter style trainers with the same design as the the high black and whites but in colour.

Overall I think the collection is fantastic and something abit different from the normal plain colour Converse and the pairs I got are a welcome addition to my Converse collection!

What do you think?

Till next time
Love N Stuff

Sunday, 26 February 2012

New Nails Inc nail varnishes

Hey everyone!

As I have mentioned before I love Nails Inc nail varnishes!  The colours are amazing and they don't chip for ages, the only down side is they are rather pricey at £11 each, but they do set of 3 and 4 polishes for £22/25 which are always good value!  QVC often do special offers or TSV on Nails Inc and you often get fantastic deals so its always worth checking out!

I added to my Nails Inc collection on Friday when I purchased 3 new polishes, Baker Street, Kensington Park Road and Notting Hill Gate.  I originally just went in for Baker Street, but they currently have a 3 for £22 (basically 3 for 2) offer on so bought the other two as they caught my eye and I couldn't resist!

Baker Street is a royal blue colour that just pops!  It has been an anticipated arrival due to Beyonce being snapped wearing the colour, apparently as a tribute to Blue Ivy her gorgeous baby girl.

Kensington Park Road is from their Neon Shade collection.  It is a bright turquoise blue colour, which I have totally fallen in love with! Its the same colour on your nails as it is in the bottle and is perfect for spring time!

Finally is Notting Hill Gate.  This again is from their Neon Shade collection.  Its a bright bubblegum pink and again is the same on your nails as in the bottle!.  I love the colour pink so this a definite buy to add to my pink nail varnish collection!.

This is all 3 colours on my nails:

I love these new colours and are a welcome addition to my collection.

Love N Stuff

Saturday, 25 February 2012

February's 2012 Jolie Box

Hi everyone!

My first proper post is going to be on this month Jolie Box.  This is my first box from them and they had came very highly recommended by people, but I have to say I was rather disappointed with it.

First up is the Taaj Himalaya Micellar Water: This is described as "An antioxidant and tonic make up remover that will revitalise and purify skin".  It is a decent sized bottle and smells lovely, I used it for the first time last night and found it lovely, didn't dry my skin out at all!.

Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek stain in Forever Pink: This is a multi purpose stain that adjusts its colour to your mood and temperature.  I love this product!  It comes out in a lovely corally/pink colour which suits my fair skin perfectly!  The only downside is it is teeny tiny but I could see myself purchasing the full sized product.

Lavera Basis sensitive organic hand cream: This is an organic hand cream with shea butter and almond extracts.  I've heard of the brand before but never used anything from it.  Again its a small size, but will fit in my bag so I've always got hand cream on my as I have really dry hands.

Macadamia deep repair masque: This is an ultra conditioning hair masque that will rebuild damaged hair for improved shine and elasticity.  This is stated on the card as a full sized product even though it's a sachet!  I'm excited to try this product as I've heard so much about it!

RMK cleansing oil: This is a cleansing facial oil with a refreshing scent of mint and damascus rose.  This was one of two products which differed from box to box as some boxes got the Kimia Rejuvenating facial system.  Personally I don't use facial oils as I have quite sensitive skin and the ones I have used in the past have irritated my skin but I'm willing to give this a try!  Again it's a small sachet, which is fiddly especially with a facial oil!.

Finally because it was my first box I received the concealer brush from Decembers box.  I seems like a really good brush and has really soft bristles, so looking forward to using it!.

Overall the products where good, but when two of them are sachets (one sachet apparently a full sized product!), two of them tiny sized and only one that I would class as a decent size it makes me a little disappointed!  Still deciding whether to give Jolie Box another chance, will decide soon enough!

What did you think of this months Jolie Box?

Love N Stuff

Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Though I'd use my first post to introduce myself!

My name is Michelle but most people call me Shell
I'm 28 and live in Edinburgh, Scotland
I'm currently in my second year at uni studying for a child health nursing degree

I love beauty products and jewellery
I use all different types of make up from MAC to MUA
I'm addicted to Nails Inc nail varnishes!

I hope you enjoy my blog posts and if you have anything you want to ask just message me!

Love N Stuff