Sunday, 26 February 2012

New Nails Inc nail varnishes

Hey everyone!

As I have mentioned before I love Nails Inc nail varnishes!  The colours are amazing and they don't chip for ages, the only down side is they are rather pricey at £11 each, but they do set of 3 and 4 polishes for £22/25 which are always good value!  QVC often do special offers or TSV on Nails Inc and you often get fantastic deals so its always worth checking out!

I added to my Nails Inc collection on Friday when I purchased 3 new polishes, Baker Street, Kensington Park Road and Notting Hill Gate.  I originally just went in for Baker Street, but they currently have a 3 for £22 (basically 3 for 2) offer on so bought the other two as they caught my eye and I couldn't resist!

Baker Street is a royal blue colour that just pops!  It has been an anticipated arrival due to Beyonce being snapped wearing the colour, apparently as a tribute to Blue Ivy her gorgeous baby girl.

Kensington Park Road is from their Neon Shade collection.  It is a bright turquoise blue colour, which I have totally fallen in love with! Its the same colour on your nails as it is in the bottle and is perfect for spring time!

Finally is Notting Hill Gate.  This again is from their Neon Shade collection.  Its a bright bubblegum pink and again is the same on your nails as in the bottle!.  I love the colour pink so this a definite buy to add to my pink nail varnish collection!.

This is all 3 colours on my nails:

I love these new colours and are a welcome addition to my collection.

Love N Stuff


  1. I love the Baker Street shade :-) xx

  2. Its gorgeous, its so nice on xx

  3. Hi Shell,
    all 3 colors are very nice xx

  4. They are super pretty, would highly recommend them! xx

  5. I really want baker street but i do not think it would suit my stubby nails. Love this post Chloe and thanks for Subbing xx

  6. i WANT/NEED these polishes!!! there amaze <3