Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Gorillaz Converse

Hey Everybody!

Hope your all well and had a lovely weekend!

Well as I've mentioned before and by the name of my blog, I LOVE Converse trainers!.  So I was excited to see that Converse has teamed up with the band Gorillaz to design 4 pairs of trainers.  I was a bit bad and went away into town and bought 2 pairs as they are amazing!.

These are the white/black Gorillaz All star hi.

They are obviously white, with Gorillaz esk drawings all over them.  The Coverse badge on the side of the trainers is a black felt like material.  The inside is a green camouflage design.

The second pair I got are the Gorillaz Chevron All star Hi.

These are a really dark green/gray colour with red army looking stripes and a Gorillaz esk person above it.  They also come with black and blue laces.  Inside is similar drawings to the previous pair but in colour instead of black and white.

I totally love both pairs but I have to say the second pair I love slightly more :).

The other two pairs in the collection are another pair of All Star Hi Camo.  Which are the hi tops in a green camouflage print all over.  And the last pair are All Start Ox Lii Gorillaz print.  These are the shorter style trainers with the same design as the the high black and whites but in colour.

Overall I think the collection is fantastic and something abit different from the normal plain colour Converse and the pairs I got are a welcome addition to my Converse collection!

What do you think?

Till next time
Love N Stuff


  1. I love the first pair :-) I've never had a pair of converse but been thinking getting some at spring just too many to chose from haha xx

  2. There is, you can also design your own converse on their website as well xx

  3. I like how they are printed from the inside! very cool!